RXIL Global IFSC Limited unveils game-changing International Trade Finance Services (ITFS) platform in collaboration with FaMe TN, a government initiative by the Government of Tamil Nadu for MSMEs. This revolutionary launch marks the start of a remarkable journey that will transform the way exporters, importers, and bankers engage in their trade transactions.

The launch event witnessed the active participation of exporters, importers, and bankers, who eagerly sought insights from Mr. Kishore Pradhan, representing RXIL Global IFSC Limited, as he presented the key features and benefits of the ITFS platform.

Mr. Charath Narasimhan, Managing Director of Indian Terrain, shared his firsthand experience of the ITFS platform, highlighting its positive impact on achieving financial flexibility and liquidity, particularly in facilitating their imports. He expressed great anticipation for the RXIL Global ITFS platform to unlock further success stories in the future.

While the commercial launch for the platform’s active operations is scheduled to commence shortly, this significant program also involved the crucial signing of an agreement between FaMe TN and RXIL Global IFSC. The agreement was formalized with the exchange of signatures between Tmt Sigy Thomas Vaidyan IAS, Industries Commissioner and Director of Commerce, and Mr. Ketan Gaikwad, Director of RXIL Global.